Our Story

Kevin Boyer

My path into wine seemed pre-determined. Growing up I watched my mother help market some of the finest wines in the world. At a very early age I was exposed not only to the stories and people behind the wine, but to the unique passion my mother possessed for telling those stories and introducing wine lovers to the wines she loved so much.

First as a sommelier then as the wine buyer for a global chain of more than 100 restaurants, I followed in my mother’s footsteps happily educating diners, seeking out great wines and working with producers from across the globe to bring their wines to market. That love and passion for wine was built in me every bit as forcefully as it resided in my mother. It was no great leap for me to join the fraternity of wine producers. It was a natural progression.

BOYANCI is a partnership between friends that serves my continued passion for introducing great wine to those seeking unique wine experiences. In helping to produce and market BOYANCI I have the unique opportunity to make something about which I have always been passionate: great wine with an uplifting story.

Be Uplifting,
Kevin Boyer

1436 Second Street Suite 282 Napa, CA 94559  Office (707) 255-7800 info@boyanciwine.com